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Hey y'all, we are the Barrel Brothers, Chris (left) and Mat (right). We are two brothers passionate about whiskey and want to share that passion with fellow whiskey lovers across the world. 

We launched our Instagram page as a quarantine hobby and as it grew, we knew we had an opportunity to make something with it, to help share our knowledge, thoughts, and content with the masses. 

We want to share our passion of whiskey with y'all by giving you our thoughts on all types of whiskey from all sizes of distilleries. 

Mat and Chris are passionate about helping businesses build their brand by helping share their whiskey and story with our followers through our platforms. One of the best things about whiskey is hearing all the unique stories and techniques behind each distillery's whiskey. We want to get those stories out there to our followers so that the next time you are in the liquor store or on vacation you'll try out a new whiskey or visit the distilleries. ​

Mat is a whiskey enthusiast who loves learning the history of whiskey, science and art of whiskey distillation, and getting to tour distilleries and taste whiskeys. His favorite whiskey activity is picking the brains of head distillers and blenders. Outside of the whiskey world, Mat is a cloud security engineer who enjoys restoring classic cars, playing guitar, and watching Penn State football. 

Chris is another avid whiskey drinker who enjoys expanding his knowledge on different aspects of whiskey including distilling, blending, and anything else that results in a good dram.  He takes great pleasure in learning the stories behind the and meeting the team of workers in distilleries.  Chris has a passion for sharing the stories of distilleries big or small all around the world.  His favorite whiskey is Weller Full Proof, but at the end of the day will try anything you put in front of him, twice.  When he's not making content, Chris runs a CBD company, and enjoys hiking, golfing, playing guitar, visiting breweries and watching NFL football.



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