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Private Barrel Program Announcement

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Barrel Brothers Whiskey is very excited to announce the launch of our new Private Barrel Program. We will be doing private barrel selections from whiskey distilleries all across the country and providing you all an opportunity to get your very own Barrel Brothers private barrel bottle of whiskey.

How to join?

Go to our website, and navigate to our Barrel Program page. Simply join the program by filling out the form with your email and keep an eye out for a welcome email.

How it Works?

Once you join the program which is free, you will receive a welcome email (** may be in your Social, Promotions or Spam box) that will tell you our upcoming barrel selections.

You will have two options to get yourself a bottle:

  1. Reserve one (1) individual bottle from the barrel.

  2. Join the selection committee & reserve one (1) bottle. (*Limited to 5 per barrel)

If you join the selection committee, you will receive up to 3 samples from 3 different barrels where you can provide us your tasting notes and rank your favorites. (*Once we are allowed, you will be invited to join us at the distilleries for the selection).

For everyone who only reserves a barrel, you will receive short video reviews of each sample on your email with a link to a form where you will be able to vote on your favorite barrel which will be the one we select.

Our Upcoming Barrels

Join our Private Barrel Program and we’ll let you know our first 2 private barrels ready to be picked! We also strongly encourage you all letting us know some distilleries you want us to get private barrels from!

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