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Micro Monday Review #71 Asbury Park Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Distillery: Asbury Park Distillery

Proof: 92

Age: 2.5 Years

Mashbill: Undisclosed

BACKGROUND: Asbury Park Distillery is a craft distillery from Asbury Park, NJ. Since their launch they have expanded their product line to include a double oaked MGP sourced whiskey and an in-house, NJ whiskey straight whiskey. They use all NJ grains and NJ water to proof it down. Their master distiller studied in Scotland and has crafted a unique and tasty whiskey.

NOSE: There’s some sweet oak, vanilla, rye spice, and loads of fresh cut hay. There is a strong scent and hint of scotch that is really enjoyable. It has richness to the nose that’s surprising for the age. (17/25)

PALATE: A ton of rye spice, some light vanilla, some bitter chocolate notes, and light attributable to the age. The flavors are bold and complex which is nice for a young whiskey. (29/40)

FINISH: Long finish, lots of spice, oak, leather, quite chewy and palatable. (20/25)

VALUE: With an SRP OF $50 this is a little pricey. We think it should be priced at $40 (7/10)

Overall: 73/100

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is a tasty, craft whiskey with a lot of pride behind. Their flagship brand is sourced from MGP and is double oaked and quite tasty. However, their in-house whiskey is tasty, bold, and has a lot of promise once they scale and can age more! We look forward to trying their future releases.

Similar & Slightly Better Whiskey: Sonoma Brother's Batch 1 Bourbon

Similar & Equal Whiskey: 1792 Small Batch

Similar & Slightly Worse Whiskey: Basil Hayden

Tell us what you think and give us some feedback!

Scoring Legend:

96-100: The perfect dram, juice of the gods

90-95: Near perfect, truly incredible whiskey

85-89: Amazing whiskey, will always try to keep a backup bottle of this

80-84: Very good, some minor flaws here or there

75-79: Good, quite enjoyable to drink, Will try and keep a bottle on the shelf

70-74: Solid, wouldn’t go out of my way to get this

60-69: Decent, would offer this up to non whiskey drinkers

50-59: Not my cup of tea

Below 50: Give away

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