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Milam & Greene

Milam & Greene is a distillery in Blanco, TX. They originally lanched as Ben Milam Whiskey but in 2019 Heather Greene, a world-renowned whiskey expert, joined the company as CEO and master blender and they changed their name to Milam & Greene. Ben Milam was a Freedom Fighter in the Texas Revolution, his descendent, Marsha Milam, a whiskey fanatic and successful Austin-based entrepreneur launched the brand. They started by sourcing their whiskey and hiring experts to help them blend incredible whiskeys. Milam & Greene is a woman ran distillery having women in all three key positions, founder, master blender/CEO, and master distiller. Marlene Holmes is the master distiller and she started her career in 1990 with Jim Beam where she learned the whiskey craft. They have 3 flagship whiskeys: an MGP sourced Port Finished Rye, a Single Barrel Straight Bourbon, and this Triple Cask. They also have some distillery reserve, grain-to-glass whiskeys and private barrels that can get as old as 12 years old.

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