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Sisterdale Distilling Co.

Sisterdale Distilling Co. is a brand new whiskey company located in the heart of central Texas in the small town of Sisterdale. Founded by 5th generation Texans on their private family ranch, Sisterdale Distilling Co. is a true Texas spirited company focused on producing delicious and approachable whiskey. They launched in the heart of the pandemic in November 2020 after being doubted by many, however, with a desire, confidence, and good whiskey, they have crushed all of their goals and targets. Sisterdale Distilling Co. has 2 different whiskeys in their portfolio, this white label and a blue label reserve bottled at 108 proof that is a limited release. This white label is a blend of 5 different MGP distillates consisting of 4 different grains, 2 different corns, wheat, and barley. However, this whiskey has a high wheat content in the mash bill. Their whiskey can be found across the state of TX at more than 180 retailers. The team at Sisterdale uses TX rain water from Heart Water in Buda, TX to enhance the flavor of this whiskey. On their logo is an Australian Cattle dog which there are 4 of running around on the family ranch. Since launching, Sisterdale's Straight Bourbon Whiskey has been awarded double gold by the John Barley Corn Society and Gold by the Denver International Spirits competition. In the future, Sisterdale Distilling Co. plans to distill and distribute their own juice as a new line but will continue to release this current MGP blend. Sisterdale Distilling Co. is a true, small batch, hand crafted micro distillery focused on making the most flavorful whiskey possible.

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