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Review #101 FEW Bourbon Whiskey

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Distillery: FEW Spirits

Proof: 93

Age: NAS

Mashbill: 70% Corn, 20%, Northern Rye, & 10% 2-Row Malt

BACKGROUND: Few Spirits was started 10 yrs ago in Evanston, IL. Few has had quite the history dating back to to a Czechoclovakian brewery owned by the master distiller, Paul Hletko's, grandfather back in WWII. The brewery was eventually shut down and all of the workers were executed by the Nazis except for 1, Paul's grandfather. Unfortunately he was unable to ever rebuild the brewery back to what it was. Years and years later in the town of Evanston, alcohol was strictly prohibited within 4 miles of Northwestern University, until a movement led by the university's president, Frances E. Willard. This led Hletko to open a distillery of his own inspired by his grandfather leading to the name FEW. Over the last 10 years, FEW has become the #2 grain to glass whiskey in the country, shipping to all 50 states with a new bottle inspired by the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

NOSE: The nose had quite a desert feel, in the best way. Upfront I was pulling notes of brown sugar mixed with caramel and maraschino cherries. As I continued I started pulling light spice hints showing very very little traces of ethanol. (20/25)

PALATE: The palate was delightfully surprising showing heavier notes of spice as the oily liquid coats your mouth. When I took my second sip I started noticing flavors of brown sugar and light hints of vanilla. The ethanol is more prevalent in the palate showing a little strong, but still, overall enjoyable (28/40)

FINISH: The finish was a little shorter than expected, the oaky spice and caramel quickly faded as the tannins became noticeable in the flavor, until the flavors disappeared as a whole. (20/25)

VALUE: With a $50 price point this is a bit high in my opinion. With the rye sitting at $35, I was hoping this would be sitting right along with it, nevertheless I still think it is worth the purchase (7/10)

Overall: 75/100

FINAL THOUGHTS: FEW has become one of my favorite whiskeys as I continue to try their products. For a grain to glass distillery, these guys continue to put out rich, enjoyable whiskey for a good price. I would recommend this to anyone who likes whiskeys like sweeter desert whiskeys. If you'd like to get a bottle, you can find it for a great price here.

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Similar & Equal Whiskey: Makers Mark Private Select

Similar & Slightly Worse Whiskey: Angels Envy

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Scoring Legend:

96-100: The perfect dram, juice of the gods

90-95: Near perfect, truly incredible whiskey

85-89: Amazing whiskey, will always try to keep a backup bottle of this

80-84: Very good, some minor flaws here or there

75-79: Good, quite enjoyable to drink, Will try and keep a bottle on the shelf

70-74: Solid, wouldn’t go out of my way to get this

60-69: Decent, would offer this up to non whiskey drinkers

50-59: Not my cup of tea

Below 50: Give away

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