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Review #​136 Blackened Blended Whiskey

Distillery: MGP

Proof: 90

Age: 4 years

Mashbill: Undisclosed (combination of rye & bourbon expressions)

BACKGROUND: Blackened Whiskey was crafted from the famous Dave Pickrell of Makers Mark & Whistle Pig. Pickrell partnered with platinum selling band Metallica. Pickrell & the members of Metallica came up with an idea to use the band’s sound in the aging process using “dark noise.” When the barrels were aged, they were placed next to speakers blasting Metalicas sound “allowing the whiskey to seap deeper into the oak cognac barrels.

NOSE: Blackened opens up with bold notes of sweet brown sugar, molasses, and vanilla. As the sweet notes pass you start to pick up notes of light cracked pepper, charred oak, and dark cherry. (22/25)

PALATE: The palate starts off thin and oily, coating your mouth with a light spice intermingling with a butterscotch note mixed with some corn notes. On second sip the cognac barrels show their true colors with flavors of cherry, dark fruit, light vanilla and brown sugar. (30/40)

FINISH: The finish is shorter than expected leaving you with notes of sweet brown sugar, cognac, and a black cracked pepper that fades into a light molasses note. (21/25)

VALUE: For $55 I think his bottle is a little high, I think this should be in the $40 range. (6/10)

Overall: 79/100

FINAL THOUGHTS: Blackened is a rich blended whiskey with a very cool story behind it. Dave Pickrell did what he does best, blending sweet and hot to make a terrific dram. The Metalica name makes this bottle a little more expensive than it should be, but immediately makes this a great piece in any collection or a perfect gift.

Slightly Better Whiskey: Barrell Batch 028

Equal Whiskey: High West Rendezvous Rye

Slightly Worse Whiskey: Ole Smoky Tennessee Whiskey

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