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Review #​201 Bulleit Bourbon Single Barrel Frontier Whiskey

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Distillery: Bulleit Distilling Company

Proof: 104

Age: 8-12

Mashbill: H21% rye mixed with Bulleits #2 yeast strain

BACKGROUND: Bullets story dates back to the late 80’s when Tom Bulleit took his family's recipe and made his own version. This single barrel expression was modeled after the classic high rye mashbill, aged for 8-12 years, and bottled at 104 proof after being non-chill filtered.

NOSE: The nose opens up with a sweet butterscotch scent that mixes with baking spice and charred oak. As you continue to waft in the flavors light notes of orange, citrus, vanilla, and maple brown sugar start to come and go. (22/25)

PALATE: A very oily mouthfeel flows around your mouth with ease leaving notes of honey, banana, and vanilla. As you continue to drink notes of baked rye bread, cracked pepper, caramel start to take over accompanied by floral noted that all turn to a peppery rye spice. (32/40)

FINISH: A long spiced finish that is all so common in rye whiskeys, medium-long in length with a slight undertone of butterscotch. (22/25)

VALUE: I paid $70 for this bottle, and although I enjoyed the pour, I think this should be priced in the $50 or less range like the barrel strength expression. (6/10)

Overall: 82/100

FINAL THOUGHTS: A delightful bourbon for any rye whiskey lover, one thing that really stands out about this bourbon is the rollercoaster of flavors that are experienced as you go from nose to finish.

Slightly Better Whiskey: Barrel Seagrass Rye

Equal Whiskey: Wilderness Trail Sib Rye

Slightly Worse Whiskey: Michters SiB Rye

Scoring Legend:

96-100: The perfect dram, juice of the gods

90-95: Near perfect, truly incredible whiskey

85-89: Amazing whiskey, will always try to keep a backup bottle of this

80-84: Very good, some minor flaws here or there

75-79: Good, quite enjoyable to drink, Will try and keep a bottle on the shelf

70-74: Solid, wouldn’t go out of my way to get this

60-69: Decent, would offer this up to non whiskey drinkers

50-59: Not my cup of tea

Below 50: Give away

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