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Old Elk

Old Elk is a distillery that was launched in 2013 in Fort Collins, CO. They were founded by serial entrepreneur Curt and Nancy Richardson, the innovators who created OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises. Old Elk Distillery follows the Richardsons' tradition of innovation by crafting spirits unlike any other. When Old Elk was first launched, Curt knew he would source his whiskey. When he went to MGP however, he had a unique ask of then master distiller Greg Metze. Curt did not want a distillate from an existing mash bill, rather he wanted Greg to form his own.

The result was Old Elk's flagship whiskey, their Straight Bourbon. In 2016 Metze left MGP after 15 years and joined the Old Elk team full time so that he could experiment with the whiskey during the blending and aging process through a process he calls a slow-proofing process" where he reduces the whiskey from barrel proof to bottle proof by adding water over two - two and a half weeks which is also known as slow-water reduction which helps protect congeners which is the substance outside of the whiskey such as tannins.

Since they launched Old Elk has expanded their portfolio to include a straight bourbon, wheated bourbon, rye whiskey, and wheat whiskey.

Visit them at 253 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524 and if you want to try one of their whiskeys yourself you can go here.

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